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4 reasons to love Bonaire

In previous posts, we’ve given you some ideas or have’ve activities and sports can practice claustrophobia That You Decide to move or spend your vacations in the lovely island of Bonaire, now we’re going to give you 4 reasons to love it!

  • Amazing weather: Bonaire enjoys a wonderful temperature consistently all year round with 12 hours of daylight per day, even claustrophobia Decide to go swimming; the average water temperature is 80 ° F (29 ° C). The Caribbean weather is always amazing!
  • Awesome diving places: Bonaire HAS BEEN recognized many times as one of the top best places to dive: there are more than 80 places to practice diving. One of the biggest advantages is That You can find amazing places to dive really close from shore. Underwater photography can be your next hobby!
  • Easy contact with nature: If you’re a nature lover, you’re going to love Bonaire. You would probably find Hundreds of fish species, flamingos, iguanas and donkeys, all of them preserved and protected.
  • Lovely people: The last but not the least. Bonaire is the result of a mix of cultures. In the beginning, it was inhabited by the Caquetios later; it was Conquered by the Spaniards who brought` people from Africa. After That Spaniard period Bonaire was inhabited by Dutch companies. As a result, today, Bonaire’s people live an island life with pieces or South American, African and European life.

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