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5 interesting facts about Bonaire

In previous posts we have shown you some activities that you can do if you decide to visit Bonaire. Now, we’re going to show you some facts that you probably didn’t know:

• Since October, 10th – 2010, the political division formerly known as Netherland Antilles ceased, since then, Bonaire belongs to the Netherlands as a Special municipality.
• The first inhabitants of the island were Caquetío Indians, they came from Venezuela by canoe, that’s the reason the name Bonaire is Caquetío and means “good air”.
• There’s a map from 1500 which belonged to the Spaniard conquerer Juan de la Cosa that shows Bonaire and calls it “Isla do Palo Brasil”.
• During the German Occupation of the Netherlands, in the World War II, Bonaire was protectorate of Britain and the United States, in that period, the US Army built the Flamingo Airport as an air force base.
• There’s an interest fact about birds on Bonaire; over 210 species of birds have been recorded, only 55 of these are resident breeding species, the vast majority are migrants or vagrants.

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