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Traveling between the Dutch Caribbean will be easier

Recently, there is a new interest to recover the idea of having a daily fast ferry connection that could carry people, autos and cargo between the ABC islands. Currently, travel between the islands is possible by air only.

Minister Plasterk (Interior and Kingdom Relations), in his opening speech of the Kingdom Conference on Curaçao, said interconnection by sea would provide a significant boost to the economy of the islands.

A study has already been commissioned by Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire (ABC islands).  In the last century sea ferry service was the most common way to travel between islands, often by sail. However, with the advent of air travel, offering a fast service, ferry service declined and then disappeared.

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Tanki Maraka Heritage Park: Bonaire in the Second World War

You probably didn’t know that the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire hosted a U.S. military installation during World War II, now, with the opening of the Tanki Maraka Heritage Park, visitors can get a partial view into this particular slice of Bonaire’s history.

A little bit of history

On May 10th in 1940, The Netherlands was invaded.  On that same day, all Nazi sympathizers in the Dutch islands were arrested and sent to internment camps on Bonaire. The next day, was installed the first U.S. military base on Bonaire, along with British and French forces.  The call for troops came to protect the oil refineries on Curacao and Aruba, both helping with the war effort to supply Allied forces.

American soldiers arrived on Bonaire in the second half of 1943 and their commander stated that a new airport had to be built. In December 1943, construction began close to where the airport is today. The new airport, named: Flamingo Airport, was put into use in 1945. This was a big step forward for Bonaire and its aviation system. A small terminal was built that was suitable for the number of passengers at the time. This building was used until 1976.

Bonaire today

The Tanki Maraka site is a World War II Open-Air Museum highlighting the area of a U.S. military camp from 1942 to 1947.  This museum park has been presented as a combined effort by BONAI (Bonaire Archaeological Institute), the Government of Bonaire, Mondriaan Funds and STINAPA.

In all, over 3000 documents were digitized, with many coming from the National Archives in Curacao and the Monqui Maduro Library, also in Curacao.  Here on Bonaire, oral history interviews were conducted with many of the island’s elders, who were living on Bonaire during World War II.

The Tanki Maraka Heritage Park provides a self-guided tour through the premises of the old base.  The signage is excellent, giving visitors to the site an amazing perspective into life on Bonaire during World War II.  The images from the war are compelling, adding to the sense of history that one feels while walking through the grounds.  The walk takes about one hour to complete.  The park can be found along the road to Rincon.  After leaving Kralendijk, be watchful for a sign to the park on the right, and then the driveway to the entrance is just a short distance.

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Bonaire joins The Pan American Masters Championships

In the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire we have a feminine Swim & Waterpolo Team called Barracudas, and we’re proud to announce that this year they will participate in the The Pan American Masters Championships.

Barracuda’s team: Annouck Loos, Anita Smits, Evy Witlox, Nathalie Petersen and Simone Sweers will travel to Medellin, Colombia between June-17th and June-25th to swim in individual races and also start as the first Bonaire Women relay team in history who will participate in this kind of event.

They will start in the 4×50 freestyle and the 4×50 medley relay events. Last year, they put Bonaire on the international swimming map at the Aruba and Curacao open Championships where they won and entered to The Pan American Masters Championships 2015.

The Pan American Masters Championships will attract close to 10,000 competitors from North, Central and South America, Canada and the Caribbean.

We wish the best to our Barracudas!

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Washington Park’s Annual Open House

Every year, the non-profit foundation STINAPA holds an open house at Washington-Slagbaai National Park.  This year it will be on june-7th. On this day the admission to the park is free, and there will be plenty of activities to keep you and your family occupied from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

There will be a variety of food and beverages available and many activities for kids. STINAPA will host a guided hiking trip for adults at 8:00 AM through Mondi Suit and a mountain bike race starting at 7:30 AM, be prepared!.  For those who don’t want to go across through the entire park, there is transportation available to Slagbaai at 9:00 AM and then again at 12:00 Noon. At 3:00 PM, transportation is available to bring everyone back from Slagbaai.

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Rotary will hold its annual Rotarally

Are you ready to explore Bonaire in a different way? This Sunday, May 31st The Bonaire Rotary Club will hold its annual rally: Rotarally starting at 9 am at Te Amo Beach.

Bonaire’s Rotary Club was established in 1982, and has supported local non-profit and social organizations. In this rally, all revenues will go to the Stichting Lezen & Schrijven (foundation reading and writing); which is the new long term and overall project of the Rotary to fight illiteracy.

Rally card cost $50 (including 2 bbq tickets and a lunch) and winners will be announced at 5pm. Tickets are available at Notaris Aniek H. Schouten, Akkermans Auto Supplies, It Rains Fishes Restaurant & Bar, BSC Pool and Spa and any member of the Rotary Club.

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Baby flamingos hatching on Bonaire

Have you ever seen the beautiful flamingos on Bonaire? If you’re nature lover you probably have seen them.

All flamingos are found in tropical and subtropical areas. Despite Bonaire has no endemic species of birds, if you’re planning to travel soon to this Dutch Caribbean island, you can see baby flamingos hatching by this time of the year.

The flamingo located in the Caribbean, also known as: P. r. ruber, is the most colorful of all species of flamingos, due mainly to the red carotenes in their diet. Bonaire’s famous flamingos are the pink ones; however, in case you don’t recognize them, baby flamingos are light brown. If you see them in your way to the beach try to save them, use a towel!

According to Stinapa, the flamingo’s most characteristic habitats are large alkaline or saline lakes or estuarine lagoons that usually lack vegetation.

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Bonaire’s Chef team is on their way to Taste of the Caribbean

Do you like Caribbean food? If you have already been in this side of the Caribbean, surely you have tried the delicious food that is cooked here.

Taste of the Caribbean is yearly event celebrated since 1993 in Miami, Florida. It reunites the best chefs of the Caribbean, in Bonaire we’re very enthusiastic about this event; last year the bonerian  Rashindra Donge was elected as the Caribbean Chef of the Year!

This year, Taste of The Caribbean will be celebrated between June 12nd – 14th; Bonaire’s chef team is: Senior Chefs Miguel “Poppy” Saragoza and Channethon Jansen.  Junior Chef: Giovannie Veld, and pastry chef is Junior Janga.

Our best wishes for Bonaire’s team!

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Places to visit in Bonaire

In previous posts we have shared with you amazing places to visit in Bonaire, and some interesting facts about this lovely Dutch Caribbean island. In this post, we’ll share with you more amazing places to visit when you come to Bonaire.

Pink Beach

Do you like picnicking, snorkeling, or scuba diving? You can do it at this beach, Pink Beach is accessible by taxi or bike. The sand is pink!

Mangazina di Rei

This is located in Rincon, one of the oldest places in the island. Also, The Mangazina di Rei is one of the oldest structures on Bonaire (probably built in 1824); it offers an insight into to the early days of agriculture and servitude on the island.  You can take a tour; they are available from Monday to Friday.

Boka Slagbaai

It’s located at Washington Slagbaai National Park. You can explore the offshore coral gardens at this beach. Remember to use protective footwear!

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Upcoming events in Bonaire

Planning to come to Bonaire in the next months? We can help you to catch some events. Check them out!

King’s Day in Bonaire – April-27th-2015

Have you ever heard about King’s Day? Know in Dutch as Koningsdag, this is a national holiday in in the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Curacao) this date marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander.

EA cover band Live at Kaya Bonaire – April-29th-2015

Looking for some Latin music? EA, the famous cover band from Venezuela will be playing at a famous place in Kaya Bonaire, Kralendijk. Entrance is free!

Rincon Day – April-30th- 2015

In previous posts we have shown you how amazing Rincon is. This was the first settlement for conquers; Spaniard and Dutch. This year, Rincon Day will be very special; King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima will be celebrating with us!

Raphael Monsanto Live At Kralendijk May-1st and 3rd-2015

The Dutch musician, Raphael Monsanto is known by his ability to sing in Spanish, Dutch, Papiamentu, German, French, Portuguese, Turkish and English.

Raphael will be performing in Bonaire on Friday, May 1st and Sunday May 3rd.

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Getting married in Bonaire

Are you looking for an amazing place to say “I do”? The lovely Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire offers many wonderful locations for your wedding and honeymoon packages if you decide to get married here.

We’ll explain you what you need:

  • Time: You’ll need about four to six weeks for the paperwork to be completed. The couple needs a temporary residency permit from immigration.
  • To apply for temporary residency you’ll need: Two passport photos. Photocopy of signature photo page of your passport.
  • For the official marriage petition you will need: Original birth certificates (both). Declaration of marital status by the civil registry. If divorced or widowed, divorce decree or documentation of proof is required. Photocopy of signature photo page of your passport.
  • Bringing witnesses from home? They also need temporary residency.

If you need more tips about Bonaire you can check our previous posts with awesome tips about this lovely Caribbean island!

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Adopt a coral in Bonaire

The Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire has been recognized as a green place because their multiple efforts to keep them clean. Most of the times; these efforts have been started by nonprofit organizations as The Coral Restoration Foundation.

The Coral Restoration Foundation, also known as CRF launched last March the first ‘Adopt a Coral’ program (AAC) on Bonaire. This AAC program is designed to fund help to raise a full grown coral nursery tree.

According to The Coral Restoration Foundation, for a total of US$ 500 people can adopt a coral nursery tree and get these benefits:

  • Certification of appreciation.
  • Donation thank you letter.
  • UW Tree tag with donor name on it (for 2 years).
  • Digital images of the adopted tree /corals with the rights to use them for marketing purposes.

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Solar energy in Bonaire

As we announced in a previous post, the Water and Energy Company Bonaire (WEB) has started a program to use solar energy in this Caribbean island.

In the end of March, WEB started a pilot plant with 792 solar panels located at the Barcadera terrain, with this structure, WEB plans to research the returns and the impact on the power grid of energy production with these solar panels.

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Support Bonaire’s parrots!

The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) is looking for projects to support around the world. Last March-16th, Bonaire, specifically, the association Echo Parrots and People was enlisted with 4 others as an interesting project to support.

Supporting this project, Echo will restore Bonaire’s dry-forrest by planting trees.

To support Bonaire’s parrots click here. The voting process runs until March-30th-2015 (12.00 BST)

Echo was founded in Kralendijk, Bonaire in July 2010. It’s a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of the Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot.

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Cleaning up Bonaire!

Fundashon Tene Boneiru Limpi also known as TBL, is organizing a cleanup event on March 21st. TBL’s event will focus on the area of Washikemba.
TBL is a non-governmental organization that was founded in 1991 in Bonaire to help insure that this island remains as one of the cleanest of the Caribbean. For this event, TBL expects for the support of volunteers to be able to clean the 15 km section completely. This kind of activity will also take place in Aruba and Curacao.
On Saturday, 21st TBL will be ready and waiting for volunteers from 7.30am on the dirt road (right hand side) that leads from the Kaminda Lagoen to the Washikemba area. The clean-up event is planned from 8am to 11am.
Living in Bonaire? Be part of the team to keep clean this lovely island!

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Eco-tourism in Bonaire

Visiting Bonaire is an amazing and relaxing experience; there are a lot of activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Put on some sunblock and come to enjoy the Dutch Caribbean!

Some activities related to eco-tourism that you will love:

Diving through coral reefs: Worldwide recognized as a top dive destination, in Bonaire you can swim through coral reefs using diving or freediving techniques. Crystal and clean waters make it easier.
Watching flamingos: In Bonaire, a place to add to your checklist is the Flamingo Sanctuary. The flamingos population there can reach 5000. Enjoy an amazing natural show.
Visiting donkeys: As there’s a Flamingo Sanctuary, there’s also a Donkey Sanctuary. The Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire was established in 1993. At the present, there are more than 400 donkeys living there.

Come to Bonaire and enjoy the Caribbean sun. Looking for a house rent by owner? Contact us!

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