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4 reasons to love Bonaire

In previous posts, we’ve given you some ideas or have’ve activities and sports can practice claustrophobia That You Decide to move or spend your vacations in the lovely island of Bonaire, now we’re going to give you 4 reasons to love it!

  • Amazing weather: Bonaire enjoys a wonderful temperature consistently all year round with 12 hours of daylight per day, even claustrophobia Decide to go swimming; the average water temperature is 80 ° F (29 ° C). The Caribbean weather is always amazing!
  • Awesome diving places: Bonaire HAS BEEN recognized many times as one of the top best places to dive: there are more than 80 places to practice diving. One of the biggest advantages is That You can find amazing places to dive really close from shore. Underwater photography can be your next hobby!
  • Easy contact with nature: If you’re a nature lover, you’re going to love Bonaire. You would probably find Hundreds of fish species, flamingos, iguanas and donkeys, all of them preserved and protected.
  • Lovely people: The last but not the least. Bonaire is the result of a mix of cultures. In the beginning, it was inhabited by the Caquetios later; it was Conquered by the Spaniards who brought` people from Africa. After That Spaniard period Bonaire was inhabited by Dutch companies. As a result, today, Bonaire’s people live an island life with pieces or South American, African and European life.

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The Annual Special Olympics Walk-A-Thon is coming!

The annual walk-a-thon is organized every year in Bonaire in order to build up funds for their athletes. This year they will participate at the World Games in Los Angeles, California from July, 25th to August, 2nd.

This year, the 13th Annual Special Olympics Walk-A-Thon will be held on March, 8th (Sunday). It will start at 5am at the White Slave Caves. There will be water stations and Red Cross volunteers along the route.

Would you like to participate and collaborate with this cause? You can pre-register at El Mundo on March-6th (Friday), from 5pm to 7pm, or check the Special Olympics Bonaire Facebook page.

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Nonprofit organizations in Bonaire

As you probably know, Bonaire belongs to the Netherlands and is part of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao). So, moving to the Dutch Caribbean it’s a great choice!
Once you have decided to live in Bonaire, you’d probably like to get involved in some community activities’, it’s a great way to know the island, the language and also a good way to know more people.

Here, we let you know some options:

Fundashon Mariadal: It was founded by nuns as a hospital in 1922. This hospital was turned into a retirement home and was named “Cas di Sosiego“. The new hospital was completed in 1976 and nowadays is still in use. In 1999 the name changed to Fundashon Mariadal, or Mariadal Foundation.
Fundashon Alzheimer Bonaire: It was founded on June, 2011. Working with Fundashon Mariadal’s “Kas di Kuido” (Elderly Care Home) they support people and their relatives who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer.
Fundashon Barlonan Bonairiano: Also known as Bonaire Heritage Foundation, it’s located in Plasa Cadushy, in Rincón. Their mission is to keep and protect Bonaire’s historical records.
Fundashon Cocari: Founded in 1982, it provides shelter and assistance to the elderly and those living in Rincón. This institution is the first and oldest day center for the elderly in Bonaire. The name stands for: Cocari Comishon Cuido Ansianonan di Rincon.

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Amazing places to visit in Bonaire

Coming to the Caribbean is an amazing experience, and if you decide to come to Bonaire, even more! You can enjoy the sun, the sea and create good memories with your family and friends.

We want to share with you some lovely places that you can visit during your stay in Bonaire:

  • Mount Brandaris: This is the highest point on Bonaire, is 238 m of altitude and is located on the Washington Park.
  • Klein Bonaire: Its name means “Small Bonaire”. It’s an uninhabited territory 2 m. above sea level, located 2 km. away from Kralendijk, the capital city. At Klein Bonaire, you can practice different kind of water sports.
  • Rincón: This was the first settlement for conquers; Spaniard and Dutch, it’s located in the North of the island and has become the focus for cultural and historical activities.

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5 interesting facts about Bonaire

In previous posts we have shown you some activities that you can do if you decide to visit Bonaire. Now, we’re going to show you some facts that you probably didn’t know:

• Since October, 10th – 2010, the political division formerly known as Netherland Antilles ceased, since then, Bonaire belongs to the Netherlands as a Special municipality.
• The first inhabitants of the island were Caquetío Indians, they came from Venezuela by canoe, that’s the reason the name Bonaire is Caquetío and means “good air”.
• There’s a map from 1500 which belonged to the Spaniard conquerer Juan de la Cosa that shows Bonaire and calls it “Isla do Palo Brasil”.
• During the German Occupation of the Netherlands, in the World War II, Bonaire was protectorate of Britain and the United States, in that period, the US Army built the Flamingo Airport as an air force base.
• There’s an interest fact about birds on Bonaire; over 210 species of birds have been recorded, only 55 of these are resident breeding species, the vast majority are migrants or vagrants.

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Activities for animal’s lovers in Bonaire

If you decide to come to Bonaire looking for the Caribbean sun, either to live or just for vacations you’ll probably look for water sports and relaxing activities.
Bonaire is a lovely island where you can enjoy any kind of activity that you decide to do, so if you prefer to spend your time with animals, you can do it!

Bonaire Animal Protection Society: It was founded in October 2013. They promote well-being and care for animals. If you live in Bonaire and decide to adopt a pet they can help you!

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire: Donkeys in Bonaire are an important part of its cultural heritage; they arrived to the island more than 500 years ago. You can see them walking close to roads and houses, they receive love from everyone! At the Sanctuary, you can feed them and take a tour.

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire: Founded in 1991, their mission has been to keep turtles safe and connect people their activities like: cleaning up beaches or rescuing turtles.

If you come to Bonaire and discover another activity for animal lover, tell us!

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Population diversity in Bonaire

In recent years, the island of Bonaire has been increasing its population mainly as a result of the immigration. According to Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) by 2011, 63% of population were born Antilleans, compared with 93% thirty years ago.

In the period 2001 – 2011 population increased 50% in Bonaire. By 2012 the total population was 17.408 inhabitants.

Population according to districts

Bonaire has six districts: Antriol, Nikiboko, Notrh Salina, Playa, Rincón and Tera Cora. In 2011, the population by district was:
• Antriol: 28% – This is the largest district of Bonaire. In 2011, the population there was 4.406 inhabitants. It was founded in 1626 by a group of Spaniards and Portuguese that were deported to the island.
• Nikiboko: 19% – This is the second largest district of Bonaire; by 2011 the population was 2.932 inhabitants.
• North Salina: 16% – By 2010, the district of North Salina had 2.561 inhabitants, and the highest growth rate. Residents of this district are well-known by their Indian appearance.
• Playa: 13% – the translation is Beach, Playa is the name used for the center of Bonaire. In 2011 the district had 2.065 inhabitants. Kralendijk, the capital city is located in Playa. Its name is a corruption of Koralendijk, which means Coral Dike, and refers to the coral soil on which the city is built.
• Rincon: 12% – According to CBS, by 2011, Rincon had the largest share of Antilleans: 90%; while Playa had the highest percentage of foreigners 50%. Also in 2011, Rincon had 1.841 inhabitants. This is the oldest town of Bonaire and was the first Spanish settlement in 1527. For the residents of Bonaire, Rincon is still considered as the cradle of the island’s culture and celebrated in many festivals during the year.
• Tera Cora: 12% – By 2011, this district had 1.861 inhabitants, it was named like that in the early 20th century because of the special red coral of the soil.

Tourist’s diversity

Being well-known by their coral reefs, a Flamingo Sanctuary and many other sites and activities, Bonaire has a natural harbor and two piers where cruise ships can go.
According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2012, 82.000 tourists came to Bonaire by plane, averaged 6,8 thousand per month. 39% came from the Netherlands and 24% from the US.

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Activities for kids in Bonaire

Since a long time ago, Bonaire has been consistently recognized as the top diving destination in the Caribbean. Thousands of tourists come every year to enjoy its amazing marine reefs and the Caribbean sun that covers the island the whole year.
If you decide to come to Bonaire, either to take vacations or to live, choosing an activity for your kids is really important; take a look at these options:

Jong Bonaire: The Young Bonaire Foundation for Youth Work a.k.a. Jong Bonaire, was founded in 1959, there, kids and teenagers can assist to: After-school programs, summer camps, and evening and weekends activities, where they can learn about their own culture.
Junior Rangers: This program was started by Stinapa (Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire) in 2009. Today, they are more than 30 teenagers taking diving lessons and learning about nature and how to take care of it.

In previous posts, we have shown you some water sports and other activities that you can practice in Bonaire, a couple of them are: snorkeling and windsurfing, these activities can be practiced by kids. In Bonaire, the whole family can enjoy the sea through healthy activities!

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Bonaire: in renewable electricity’s way

The beautiful island of Bonaire, well known by its marine reefs has been developing a system to produce a clean energy system since 2005.

With a population of 18.000 inhabitants, Bonaire’s peak electricity demand is approximately 11 MW. In 2004, Bonaire’s only power plant burned down, so the island’s government decided to restore the energy generation system and generate that energy from 100% renewable sources.

In 2007, EcoPower installed 330 kW. wind turbines at Sorbon (a great place to practice windsurf and kitesurf, btw.) This area is on the southeast coast of Bonaire, there, the average wind speed is about 9.1 m/s, moreover, an alternative energy generation system is to produce biodiesel from algae.

With this new system, people on Bonaire can expect a 10% – 20% reduction in their electricity bill.

This exciting project will Bonaire to maintain a green environment and to keep our reefs saved. Come to Bonaire and enjoy exciting activities close to a clean sea! Visit us at:

Carnival is coming to Bonaire

Preparing your suitcase for Carnival? It’s almost here!

In Bonaire, we have prepared many different activities for you to stay here during those days.
The election of the Carnival Queen will be in February, 1st and there are many activities close to the pageant: festivals and parades, including the parade of lovely childrens from Rincon.

A few weeks ago, the Karnaval Commission announced that the 2015 Grand Karnaval Parade will begin at the Kaya Industria, the Farewell parade will terminate at the Stadium in Playa for the Old Mask Parade and burning of king Momo.
Come to Bonaire and enjoy of this activities and more. The Caribbean is waiting for you!
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Bonaire’s Culture

Bonaire (Boneiru in Papiamentu), which is part of BES islands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba), was originally inhabited by the Caquetio Indians from Venezuela. In 1499, the Spanish conquerors: Alonso de Ojeda, Juan de la Cosa and Americo Vespucci arrived in Curacao and claimed these territories for the Spanish Crown.
Many ethnic and racial influences are present in Bonaire today; Indian, African, Asian and European inhabitants have all contributed to our rich culture. Nowadays, according to Omnibus Survey Caribbean Netherlands, most of them are Roman Catholic (68, 2%), so Easter, Christmas are big celebrations here.
Most of the Bonaire’s traditions take origin from African homelands and European, e.g: The music is a blend of tribal beats but using modern instruments.
If you come to Bonaire you should know some words in Papimentu, the most spoken language here:
• Bondia: Good morning.
• Bon tardi: Good afternoon.
• Masha danki: Thank you so much.
• Ayo: Goodbye.

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Water sports in Bonaire

Winter is here! Do you have plans to spend your holydays? Coming to Bonaire could be a great option if you practice water sports or you just simply want to rest from the crowded and cold city.

In Bonaire you can practice:
Freediving: This is a form of diving that relies on divers’ ability to hold their breath. There many schools in Bonaire who can teach you this amazing sport. Also, if you practice it, Bonaire is an excellent place to improve techniques.
Diving: There are more than 80 dive places in Bonaire! Also, most of the reefs are really close to the shore so you don’t need to swim far away to see amazing underwater creatures.
Snorkeling: Is a kind of swimming that needs to be practiced with the right equipment: a diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel, and fins. Thanks to the clean and quiet waters on Bonaire, visibility is usually up to 100 feet and some days as far as 150 feet.
Windsurfing: Bonaire is well known as one the best windsurfing places. This sport combines elements of surfing and sailing. You need to use a board powered by wind on a sail. Windsurfing can be practiced in Sorobon, quiet waters where you can share great moments with your family and friends.

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Travelling to Bonaire!

Do you know Bonaire? Bonaire is one of the three ABC islands located in South America, in front of Venezuela and together with Saba and Sint Eustatius belongs to the Dutch Caribbean islands with direct ties to The Netherlands. After Curaçao, Bonaire is the largest of the 6 islands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Bonaire used to be part of the Netherland Antilles, but this political structure ceased in October, 10th – 2010
Bonaire it’s a paradise for water sports like: Freediving, Scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and water-skiing.
The name Kralendijk, capital city of Bonaire, is an old Dutch word for ‘Koralendijk’ (Coral dike), but locals call it ‘Playa’ (Spanish word for: beach). At the west side of Bonaire, there is a drop-off covered with many coral. The second town of Bonaire is Rincón (‘corner’ in Spanish). Rincón is nestled within a valley in the north-west of Bonaire.
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