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Activities for animal’s lovers in Bonaire

If you decide to come to Bonaire looking for the Caribbean sun, either to live or just for vacations you’ll probably look for water sports and relaxing activities.
Bonaire is a lovely island where you can enjoy any kind of activity that you decide to do, so if you prefer to spend your time with animals, you can do it!

Bonaire Animal Protection Society: It was founded in October 2013. They promote well-being and care for animals. If you live in Bonaire and decide to adopt a pet they can help you!

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire: Donkeys in Bonaire are an important part of its cultural heritage; they arrived to the island more than 500 years ago. You can see them walking close to roads and houses, they receive love from everyone! At the Sanctuary, you can feed them and take a tour.

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire: Founded in 1991, their mission has been to keep turtles safe and connect people their activities like: cleaning up beaches or rescuing turtles.

If you come to Bonaire and discover another activity for animal lover, tell us!

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