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Amazing places to visit in Bonaire

Coming to the Caribbean is an amazing experience, and if you decide to come to Bonaire, even more! You can enjoy the sun, the sea and create good memories with your family and friends.

We want to share with you some lovely places that you can visit during your stay in Bonaire:

  • Mount Brandaris: This is the highest point on Bonaire, is 238 m of altitude and is located on the Washington Park.
  • Klein Bonaire: Its name means “Small Bonaire”. It’s an uninhabited territory 2 m. above sea level, located 2 km. away from Kralendijk, the capital city. At Klein Bonaire, you can practice different kind of water sports.
  • Rincón: This was the first settlement for conquers; Spaniard and Dutch, it’s located in the North of the island and has become the focus for cultural and historical activities.

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