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Baby flamingos hatching on Bonaire

Have you ever seen the beautiful flamingos on Bonaire? If you’re nature lover you probably have seen them.

All flamingos are found in tropical and subtropical areas. Despite Bonaire has no endemic species of birds, if you’re planning to travel soon to this Dutch Caribbean island, you can see baby flamingos hatching by this time of the year.

The flamingo located in the Caribbean, also known as: P. r. ruber, is the most colorful of all species of flamingos, due mainly to the red carotenes in their diet. Bonaire’s famous flamingos are the pink ones; however, in case you don’t recognize them, baby flamingos are light brown. If you see them in your way to the beach try to save them, use a towel!

According to Stinapa, the flamingo’s most characteristic habitats are large alkaline or saline lakes or estuarine lagoons that usually lack vegetation.

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