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Bonaire: in renewable electricity’s way

The beautiful island of Bonaire, well known by its marine reefs has been developing a system to produce a clean energy system since 2005.

With a population of 18.000 inhabitants, Bonaire’s peak electricity demand is approximately 11 MW. In 2004, Bonaire’s only power plant burned down, so the island’s government decided to restore the energy generation system and generate that energy from 100% renewable sources.

In 2007, EcoPower installed 330 kW. wind turbines at Sorbon (a great place to practice windsurf and kitesurf, btw.) This area is on the southeast coast of Bonaire, there, the average wind speed is about 9.1 m/s, moreover, an alternative energy generation system is to produce biodiesel from algae.

With this new system, people on Bonaire can expect a 10% – 20% reduction in their electricity bill.

This exciting project will Bonaire to maintain a green environment and to keep our reefs saved. Come to Bonaire and enjoy exciting activities close to a clean sea! Visit us at: