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Nonprofit organizations in Bonaire

As you probably know, Bonaire belongs to the Netherlands and is part of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao). So, moving to the Dutch Caribbean it’s a great choice!
Once you have decided to live in Bonaire, you’d probably like to get involved in some community activities’, it’s a great way to know the island, the language and also a good way to know more people.

Here, we let you know some options:

Fundashon Mariadal: It was founded by nuns as a hospital in 1922. This hospital was turned into a retirement home and was named “Cas di Sosiego“. The new hospital was completed in 1976 and nowadays is still in use. In 1999 the name changed to Fundashon Mariadal, or Mariadal Foundation.
Fundashon Alzheimer Bonaire: It was founded on June, 2011. Working with Fundashon Mariadal’s “Kas di Kuido” (Elderly Care Home) they support people and their relatives who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer.
Fundashon Barlonan Bonairiano: Also known as Bonaire Heritage Foundation, it’s located in Plasa Cadushy, in Rincón. Their mission is to keep and protect Bonaire’s historical records.
Fundashon Cocari: Founded in 1982, it provides shelter and assistance to the elderly and those living in Rincón. This institution is the first and oldest day center for the elderly in Bonaire. The name stands for: Cocari Comishon Cuido Ansianonan di Rincon.

Bonaire it’s a great place to live, we can help you to find a long term rental house o apartment. Come to the Caribbean!