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Reasons to visit Bonaire

Maybe you have been wondering: Why visiting Bonaire? Besides all the amazing details that we have shared with you in previous posts, there are even more reasons to visit this lovely island located in the Dutch Caribbean.

  1. Outside of the hurricane belt: Summer is low season in the Caribbean for one good reason: hurricanes. June marks the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs through November, it means that Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire (ABC Islands) are outside of the hurricane belt, making them the perfect places to enjoy the low season without a great risk of inclement weather. The temperatures are almost the same from winter to summer.
  2. Direct flights: You can come directly to Bonaire from: Newark and Houston in the USA, also from Amsterdam in Europe, or from Caracas, Aruba o Curacao.
  3. History and culture: Bonaire is the result of a mix of cultures. In the beginning, Bonaire was inhabited by the Caquetios later; the Spaniards came to island and brought people from Africa. After that Spaniard period Bonaire was inhabited by Dutch companies. As a result, today, Bonaire’s people live an island life with pieces or South American, African and European life.

If you come to Bonaire we can help you to find an amazing place to stay during your holidays. The Dutch Caribbean is waiting for you!