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Travelling to Bonaire!

Do you know Bonaire? Bonaire is one of the three ABC islands located in South America, in front of Venezuela and together with Saba and Sint Eustatius belongs to the Dutch Caribbean islands with direct ties to The Netherlands. After Curaçao, Bonaire is the largest of the 6 islands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Bonaire used to be part of the Netherland Antilles, but this political structure ceased in October, 10th – 2010
Bonaire it’s a paradise for water sports like: Freediving, Scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and water-skiing.
The name Kralendijk, capital city of Bonaire, is an old Dutch word for ‘Koralendijk’ (Coral dike), but locals call it ‘Playa’ (Spanish word for: beach). At the west side of Bonaire, there is a drop-off covered with many coral. The second town of Bonaire is Rincón (‘corner’ in Spanish). Rincón is nestled within a valley in the north-west of Bonaire.
Would you like to come to Bonaire? Travelling to Bonaire is easy, there are direct flights from: Newark, Atlanta, Houston, Amsterdam and México. Contact us!