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Washington Park’s Annual Open House

Every year, the non-profit foundation STINAPA holds an open house at Washington-Slagbaai National Park.  This year it will be on june-7th. On this day the admission to the park is free, and there will be plenty of activities to keep you and your family occupied from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

There will be a variety of food and beverages available and many activities for kids. STINAPA will host a guided hiking trip for adults at 8:00 AM through Mondi Suit and a mountain bike race starting at 7:30 AM, be prepared!.  For those who don’t want to go across through the entire park, there is transportation available to Slagbaai at 9:00 AM and then again at 12:00 Noon. At 3:00 PM, transportation is available to bring everyone back from Slagbaai.

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