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What you need to know about renting out a property

Once you buy a property and decide to rent it out, there are several things that you need to know, this is a big step. Congratulations!

Some tips that you need to take into account:

• This is an investment: The more you give, the more you’ll get. Find it out how is the rental business in the neighborhood.

• The rental income you receive should be more than all your monthly outgoings: why? Because in the other way there’s not profit! You need a real income.

• Great description: A well written description of the property attracts good and reliable tenants, such as: young professionals with reliable incomes, so you need to appeal to them with a professional advert for your property.

• Location is important when buying any property: It will help you to get a better income, why? E.G: If you rent out a house in Bonaire, you’d get a better profit if your house is close to a diving place. An investment property should ideally be: close to schools, shops and transport.

• The ideal property is the one that will rent quickly and that will give you a good rental return: This point is connected to the one before, location is really important. Is it close to schools? Try to investigate the renting price in your neighborhood and the conditions of the properties. Are there houses or apartments?

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