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How do I search for homes?
You can search for homes from the “House for Sale” and “Rent By Owner” page, and from there you can search from our map page using search filters. To specify your parameters, click on the filter button, choose your criteria and click search. To save your selected house click on the “compare” button below the photo. Your saved houses can be viewed in your personal account under “Favorites”.

How to register for Cuanto?
Click on the “Register” button at the upper right side of the home page. Register your name and email address and wait for the automatically sent email to confirm your account. Your password is emailed to you in a few seconds. You can change your password in your personal account at a later time.

How to post a new house?
This section will be explained per box:

Property Description & Price
After log-in, select the button “Add New Property”. Fill in a title and description in one language. The system will automatically translate your text in the other languages after publishing your house. Also state your price and price label.

Select Categories/Select Property Status
On the right side, select in which category your house can be placed (Apartments, Houses, Villas). Also select where your house is listed in (House For Sale, Rent By Owner). Then select your property status (normal, rented, open house, sold).

Listing images
List your images in the therefore mentioned box by selecting “Bestand kiezen”. You can upload a maximum of 12 photos.

Listing Location
Enter the address in the therefore mentioned box. Also select City, Country and Area. Then select the button “Place Pin with Property Address” for showing your house on our map.

Amenities and Features
On the right side, select the amenities and features of your house. Please make sure these amenities are up to date and regarding reality.

Listing Details
Fill in the listing details.

Make sure you select ‘Yes” in reading the terms and conditions of Cuanto.

How do I pay the required fee?
For “House for Sale”, Cuanto doesn’t require an immediate payment. However, the selling process is performed by Cuanto, and requires a notarial contract which can be downloaded from our secured website in your personal account. Details can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

For “Rent By Owner” NO COST.  your house will be listed on your house will be in concept,

How to edit, or remove a home for rent or sale?
After you log in, go to “My Properties” to find a list of your uploaded houses. Select the house to and click on the ‘Edit-button’  to get to the home details page. From there, edit the house. For removal, click the ‘Remove-button’. If you need to correct your home facts, click on “Edit” and at the home detail page you’ll be prompted to select the home’s features from a list. You also can update the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, home size or lot size. You can also add additional information such as architectural style, roof type, heat source, building amenities and much more.

How do I let my house appear on the map?
In “Add a Property”, you can fill in the address of your home. After you’ve entered the address, select the button “Place Pin with Property Address” to let your house appear on the map.

How can I change my password?
After log-in go to “My Profile” and type in the old password, the new password and confirm the new password. Select “Reset Password” to activate your new password.

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