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Rent by Owner Bonaire, Antillen

Rent by Owner, Antillen

Cuanto offers a wide range of the finest rental properties on BonaireAre you looking for rental house on Bonaire that you can rent for a weekseveral weeksor perhaps a few months? Cuanto provides an overview of dozens of rental houses and more and more are added every month.

Cuanto is an independent party that brings the landlord and the tenant togetherWe offer the tenant a listof the best rental properties in the Caribbean with beautiful photosdetailed information about rental housing and the ability to interact with the landlord. Landlords and tenants have direct contact without interference, and tenants do not pay any fee to Cuanto!

Rent by Owner Bonaire, Antillen

You’re not looking for rental properties on Bonaire, but you want to list your own house for rentThat is possible with CuantoFor a contribution of $185,- per year, is your rental home visible on our website. Thereby you can use our huge amount of visitors to look for potential tenants! Additionally, it doesn’t matter how often you rent your house: the contribution is a fixed amount and is therefore much more appealing than paying a fee everytime you rent your property. Cuanto makes it easy, safe and convenient to rent your home!

Create an account for free and you’ll have the ability to offer your property in four different languages, ​​and many other options. Your house for rent will be visible within minutes!