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Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions is operated by BALA United bv.

1. Renting out your property

The charge for listing your rental property is $185. We need you to submit four to eight photos of the property, and provide us with the property’s location and address, your rental property charge, and a text describing the property in Dutch, English or Spanish. We also need your email address and phone number. Once we have received this information, we will list the property details. You will be notified if there is interest in the property (also when the interested party is an intermediary). Payment is due when listing your property and by accepting the Terms & Conditions.

Cuanto does not get involved in any communications between house owners and renters, or in any of the agreements reached by house owners and renters. Setting prices and handling payment is the responsibility of the house owner.

2. Selling your property

There is no charge for listing your selling property. If you sell the property, whether directly or through a real estate agent, we charge a commission of 1% of the selling price. If you also need us to handle the selling procedure till the notary, we charge 1,5% of the selling price. The commission needs to be paid in full, immediately after you’ve completed the sale.

If your property is advertised on and at the same time offered for sale through a real estate broker, charges a commission of 1%.

When switching to Cuanto, any transition costs that have to be paid to a real-estate agency  are fulfilled by Bala United B.V., with a maximum amount up to 250 USD. This amount will eventually be deducted from the 1% commission.

We need you to submit four to eight photos of the property, and provide us with the property’s location and address, your list price, and a text describing the property in Dutch, English or Spanish. We also need your email address and phone number. We would advise you to put the property on the market at market value, to ensure it brings in offers. If your property is sold within four months of being delisted from, the 1% commission charge applies. provides the opportunity to promote the property through social media feeds. Promotions can be bought (<25 USD) and are eventually deducted from the 1% commission. The maximum amount of promotions is equal to the 1,5% commission. is not liable for errors or technical failures on the site.

When accepting the Terms & Conditions, you are obliged to notify us when you have sold your property through Cuanto. You will have to inform Cuanto with personal details of the buyer so we can verify how the selling procedure has been completed.

3. Customer registration

As a service provider, registers personal details including the customer’s name, address, telephone number and email address. This information enables to register and contact the customer when needed. As part of the registration process, customers are asked to agree with the general terms and conditions. If they do not agree with the terms, their personal information is not entered into the database. Registered users can change and/or update the information in their account whenever they need to. The purpose of registering personal information is to optimise the use of services provided by and its partners. It is not allowed to put your email address, website or Phone number in the description of your house ; a penalty of US$ 1200 will be sent.

You are obliged to fill in accurate personal information.

4. Terms of use

These terms and conditions apply to all those who access the website and all those who access any of its products and services. When accessing, you agree to conduct yourself in a manner expected from responsible and cautious internet users.

Visitors to can explore the site and access content related to properties for sale or for rent without obligations. They are however prohibited from commercialising the content of the site, and from distributing the content to third parties.

All content on is protected by copyright and/or database rights, unless stated otherwise legally. Content, products and/or services may not be reproduced, republished, filed in an automated database, or published in any shape or form, whether electronically, mechanically, or photocopied, without the express written permission of prohibits the use of its website or any of its products or services by any person or organisation for:

– actions and/or conduct that violate the law;

– actions and/or conduct contrary to public order and good manners.

Violation of intellectual property and/or of the aforementioned terms of use for and/or its partners gives the right to claim damages.

You agree not to use software or any other means that may interrupt, damage, destroy or limit the functionality of or the services.

5. Advertising on offers property details on residential property, commercial property, agricultural property, and holiday rentals.

Advertising services on include:

• Adverts for properties that are for rent or for sale, with property details either provided through an automated link to an existing third party system, or registered by the customer (property provider) on;

• Options to promote and highlight a specific property or additional services;

• Options to advertise a brand, product and/or service through banners, links and/or email.

Electronic communications are legally binding when entering into an agreement with The absence of a signature in handwriting does not counteract legally binding electronic agreements. The electronic data on are considered as a presumption of fact in the law of evidence. does not accept liability for any misunderstandings, mutilations, delays and/or misrepresentation of your content as a result of the use of electronic means of communications, unless intent or a heavy burden of guilt can be demonstrated.

Offers on are free of obligations, unless expressly stipulates terms for their acceptance or provision. reserves the right to refuse orders or offers, or to uniquely accept prepaid orders from specific customers, without stipulating reasons.

6. Liability is not an estate agency and does not get involved in any communications between buyers and sellers, or in any of the agreements reached by buyers and sellers.  As a result, has no control over the quality, security, legal validity, or correctness neither of the property offer, nor of the competence or power of decision of the seller to sell, or the competence or power of decision of the buyer to buy. cannot guarantee that the buyer or seller will in fact complete the transaction. does not assume any liability for the completion of a transaction or the failure to complete a transaction, nor for the execution of the transaction.

Property details submitted by customers are not verified by Buyers, sellers and third parties are fully responsible for the information they submit on the site and their actions on the site. is a passive medium and uniquely serves as a platform for third parties. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information contained within the details.

You agree to release us from any claims, disputes or damages (existing or potential) of any kind, accountable or unaccountable, arising from or in any way connected to such disputes with one or more users of the website and/or customers. The liability of towards site users, customers or third parties is limited in all circumstances to the financial amount due to, in compliance with the general terms and conditions. is not liable for damages as a result of the failure to complete a transaction, unless intention can be demonstrated. is never liable for business damages or consequential damages.

7. Property details

Advertising a property on the website implies that the individual who has placed the advertisement has the power of decision to sell. Responding to the advertisement implies that the individual who responds has the power of decision to buy. The advertiser guarantees that the property details:

a. are correct, accurate, complete, and not misleading;

b. with reference to third parties, does not infringe the rights of third parties;

c. do not contain viruses or other harmful software. is not liable for any third party damages that occur as a result of non-compliance with the advertiser’s guarantee.

By submitting content on the site, advertisers imply that they grant interested parties with the right to publish and distribute posted (parts of) photos.  This includes, among others, the right to (partially) save (a) photo(s) to a database and/or to publish them on or through third parties.

If property details submitted on the site include (a) photo(s), advertisers guarantee they took the photo themselves, and that the photo is a fair representation of reality (i.e., the photo is not manipulated or tricked in any way), and that by taking the photo they have not committed a criminal offence or infringed the rights of third parties (e.g. copyright), and that they have not done so either by supplying a photo to, and that they give the right to publish the photo and distribute the photo for publication by third parties, without infringing the rights of third parties (e.g. copyright or portrait rights). Advertisers indemnify against third-party liability related to the publication and supply of the photo.

8. Rates and payment policy

All rates communicated by for services rendered exclude VAT, unless specified otherwise.  All rates are in US Dollars. The term of payment is 14 days after invoice date. reserves the right to adjust advertising rates annually to reflect inflation. Customers are notified of this in writing, at least one month in advance. A potential increase of advertising rates for inflation does not justify customers to shorten the duration of their contract.

If payment is not completed by the customer within the term of payment, has the right, when the due payment date has past, to increase the amount due with delayed interest equal to the current legal commercial interest rate, and without prior notice. can, and may, without prior notice, charge extrajudicial collection costs against 15% of the amount due.

If payment is not completed by the customer within the term of payment, can, without prior notice, deny said customer access to its services until payment is received. The customer’s property details will be removed. The extra costs incurred by for this will be charged to the customer, as will the remainder of any amount due for the agreed term of the contract.

The above also applies to refused automatic payments.

If not notifying in time, i.c.  within 7 days after passing notarial deed,  we will charge 15%  of the selling price.

9. Copyright

All publicly accessible content on this website is subject to the intellectual property rights of and may not be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without prior written consent. owns all intellectual property rights to the site and its content in the broadest sense.

10. Value estimates

Value estimates on are calculated on the basis of information submitted by users of the site. They are exclusively indicative and subject to change. No rights can be derived from value estimates on the site.

11. Availability of website

Property details are hosted by us in good faith but we make no guarantee that the services are up to date, accessible, complete and/or free of fault. also cannot guarantee that the information on the site is free of viruses, and/or that faults on the website will be repaired, or that viruses will be removed.

If you doubt the accuracy of property details, you are advised to contact the individual who has submitted them.

In no event is Bala United bv liable for any damages incurred directly or indirectly by the use of services.

Bala united bv does not participate in any part of the actual transactions between buyers and sellers.

Throughout the site you will find links to external websites. We cannot take responsibility for pages or the privacy policy maintained by external providers. Neither can take responsibility for cookies used by third parties advertising on the site.

Bala United is not liable for (the content of) services and/or from third parties.

You agree to indemnify from any and all claims or demands, made by any third party due to or arising out of the use of our services or the violation of these terms of use.

Bala United bv reserves the right in our sole discretion to change these terms of use at any time. Please check the terms of use regularly for changes.

The terms of use are governed by and construed in accordance with Dutch law. Any disputes between and third parties as a result of the terms of use will be disputed in Dutch courts.