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Sales buyer tips

Sales Buyer Tips
Sales Buyer Tips. Listen to the opinion of your acquaintances, friends and relatives. They have a different image of your home than you. Handle a realistic asking price. Look  around in your neighborhood for other houses for sale. That’s a wise start. Handle a competitive asking price in the first few weeks that your house is for sale, since you then have the biggest opportunity to sell your home. At every visit, you should assume that viewers are potential buyers. Even in the event you do not have a lot of confidence, always see the potential.

Tips for the inside of the house
The important thing is that your home is clean and neat. Make sure that the windows, doors, floors, ceilings are clean. Removing cobwebs on the ceiling and walls. Give the toilet a proper clean and make an apple pie for a lovely odor.

Make sure there is no mess in your home. Pay particular attention to the porch, the front yard and sidewalk. This is because it’s the first part of the house that the viewer sees. Keep everything out of sight and put the stuff in boxes or drawers. This can be crucial for selling your house.

Avoid the smell of paint in your house. Visitor can think you painted spots of leakage. Paint damaged walls in advance.

It is important to minimize the deficiencies of the house, such as  loose doorknobs, squeaky doors or an inproper working toilet. Take a good look of your house before any visitors are coming.

Give the house a peaceful atmosphere by using neutral paint colors. This immediately gives your home a fresh interior.

A spacious room gives a good impression. So make sure that your home is not too crowded with furniture or accessories. As a result, the room seems a lot smaller.

The house is more beautiful when there’s lots of natural light. Make sure that all curtains are open during the day, the blinds up and that there is enough light in the evening.

Give each room its own function. The bedroom is designed to sleep and not to iron or work. By giving each room a private function gives you the idea that the house is big enough. If you do not, it looks like the house is too small.

Get all the personal stuff out of the way. Personal items only distract.

When your house is for sale at it is important to upload good pictures. Take a beautiful picture, for example of the garden, on a sunny day. Take clear pictures of the house and make sure your home looks best, by attracting the attention of the viewer. Try to use the entire size of a picture. Provide good quality pictures and lots of natural light when taking the photo.

Green, green, green! Put down fresh flowers or plants in your home and a bowl of fruit. This results in a nice fragrance and a bright home. Not only in the living room, but also in the bathroom or toilet you can put plants. Present your house at its best. Provide a good description of the house. Enter here all the benefits of the house so that it’s becoming more attractive to the buyer. It is also important to set clear pictures and possibly add a nice video.  Not all visitors like to keep pets. Make sure that no pets are present at the time of viewing. Also note that all food bowls are cleaned up. Keep walkways free, make sure all doors are fully open. Cabinets appear larger when everything is neatly in place. You can opt for storage boxes. This looks neater, and people often want to see how well the cabinets are when it’s empty. Order as many items by color. You can think of books. This creates stability. Make sure there’s a night lamp switched on in the bedroom. Check the drains.

Tips for the exterior of the house
Leave the car park or driveway for the house free. As a result, there is ample parking for visitors.Also make sure to clean the outside windows. If there are cobwebs, pull it off. If you have a garden, make sure there’s getting enough light inside. If you have a pool, make sure the water is clear. Do you have a shed or a garage? Take a picture and place it in your add. When you have a lovely view, take some pictures from the balcony with partial views to get a full perspective.

Costs buyer
A new home purchase provides many costs. In addition to the purchase price of the house additional costs must be paid, such as notary fees and transfer tax. Who pays these costs, depending on whether the property is sold freely by name. (in Dutch V.O.N. (free on name) or cost buyer (in Dutch KK). In case of V.O.N. the seller pays the costs, in case of KK the buyer pays it. Are you planning to buy a new house, no charge to buyer. These costs are already included in the sale price. What is buyer’s costs? The cost means that buyer is simply as a buyer paying the extra costs. These are the transfer tax and the mortgage and deed of transfer. Furthermore the buyer can deal with a number of other additional costs which the buyer need to pay. These costs can increase significantly if you add everything together. Commission fee and agency costs for closing the mortgage.