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Placement after bank transfer

Thank you for listing your property on

You just added a property on our website via bank transfer.

The property placed by you is currently still in draft mode and is therefore not visible on our website. Once you have paid by bank transfer your property will be added to our website and you can get started promoting your property. At this time you will also receive a confirmation of your placement by email.

Please be aware that it may take 1-2 business days until our bank has received your payment. So keep in mind that your house will not be placed immediately after payment.

Your personal properties list contains a list of placed properties, including the property you have just added. If you click on the house from this list you will see your listing as visitors see them.

Want to edit your property ? Then click on Edit from your personal properties list. You can remove your property by clicking Delete.

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Good luck with the marketing of your property!

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