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Sales professionals

Professionals Real estate agents on Bonaire, Curaçao, and Aruba both buy and sell properties. They take a 4% commission on sales, and an additional 1% if you have also put your property up for sale with another real estate agent, in which case you’d pay at least 5% commission. The agent who has sold the property receives 3% commission, and the other agent receives 2% commission. The agent’s services include property viewings and sales support. If potential buyers show an interest in a property, the agent will also show them other properties to maximise his chances of success.

Agents may also try to interest the potential buyer in their own projects, to the detriment of the property owner. In contrast, with Cuanto all potential buyers are directly put into contact with the property owner. Owners are free to seek independent advice or arrange for everything themselves. Quick, direct communication lines, without the interference of third parties.

It is not a bad idea to engage an independent agent for property viewings. This to ensure that potential buyers get an honest overview of the property. The bidding and negotiating process can also be outsourced to an independent agent.

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Rentals professionals

Agents engaged for short term property rentals charge between 15 and 20% commission for the duration of the rental term. The fee includes cleaning services, inspection, and problem solving. The latter is often outsourced to third parties. Charges for, for example, airconditioning, gardening and maintenance are added on and passed on to the property owner. So not like for like, the way does it.

The commission for long term rentals is one month rent, which again is considerable higher than Cuanto’s annual charge is NO COST, regardless of whether you rent out the property 10 times or just the once. Here, too, parties who want to rent the property are directly put into contact with the owner. Quick, direct communication lines, without the interference of third parties.