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At Cuanto, the contact between the buyer and the vendor always happens directly. Cuanto does not intervene in applications by mail, and this means that “what you see is what you get.” This is our vision of the best way of doing business!

Cuanto has three optional choices for you, and we are convinced that one of them will suit you best:

1. You pay a fixed amount per year and sell your home yourself on our interactive platform.
2. You pay 1% after the sale and you sell your home yourself on our interactive platform.
3. You pay 1.5% afterwards. If you choose option three, we arrange the entire sales up to going to the notary. The third choice only applies to Bonaire.

When you choose option 1, our prices are as follows:

1. Sales value of $ 199,999: vendor pays $ 475 per year excl ABB.
2. Sales value of $ 200,000 to $ 399,999: vendor pays $ 825 per year excl ABB.
3. Sales value of $ 400,000 to $ 799,999: vendor pays $ 1,275 per year excl ABB.
4. Sales value of $ 800,000 and above: vendor pays $ 1,675 per year excl ABB.

You ride along with everything Cuanto is doing to promote both the website and your house. In principle, we function as a regular broker, but we perform our services on a more active and bigger platform.

To request help with the selling of your house, you can get information from our Professionals.